The International Conference on Media and Conflict (ICMC) 2019 is the first government led academic initiative to highlight the Pakistan media’s role in covering conflict and violence in the country. The conference features national and internationally renowned academic scholars, senior journalists, government officials, communication experts and counter extremism specialists.

The conference will showcase the latest research on media discourse on extremism, terrorism and violence in the country, and also assess how conflict reporting and peace journalism can be institutionalized both in the media industry and university level across Pakistan.

Conference Objectives

Conference Themes

I: Role of the state in conflict communications & media coverage

  • Panel I: Military action, Political narratives & media.
  • Panel II: State Narrative on Conflict & Media.
  • Panel III: Pakistan & Conflict: Intl. Media Perspectives.


II: Media narratives on intra-faith and anti-minority violence

  • Panel I: Media Perspective & Religious violence.
  • Panel II: Anti Minority Violence & Media Narratives.
  • Panel III: Communication & the State: TLP Case Study.
III: Evolution of terrorist threat and media coverage

  • Panel I: Law Enforcement Agencies, Public perception and media.
  • Panel II: Conflict reporting – Psychological effects on public.
  • Panel III: The rise of terrorism and media response.
  • Panel IV: Terrorist attacks and media coverage.


IV: Social media and conflict

  • Panel I: Social media & hybrid warfare: Pakistan’s challenges.
  • Panel II: Social media, hate speech and the public.
  • Panel III: Fake news and information warfare.
  • Panel IV: Online hate speech and incitement to violence.
  • Panel V: New media communications and conflict.


Dr. Johan Galtung

International Peace Research Institute

Dr. Jake Lynch

University of Sydney, Australia

Dr. B. Lee Artz

Purdue Northwest University, USA

Dr. Elisabeth Eide

Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

Dr. Graham Murdock

University of Loughborough, UK

Dr. Rune Ottosen

Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway







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